Office expected to open as early as this coming Fall…
Breathitt’s Circuit Court Clerk, James Elliot Turner, II, has some really exciting news. Owing to some rather Herculean local effort, spear-headed by our Circuit Court Clerk, our own Breathitt County was awarded one of only 12 regional REAL ID/Driver Licenses locations to be opened across Kentucky.
Some of you may remember we wrote a prior article about the possibility of this occurrence. This is occurring owing to months of deliberations and meetings between the Breathitt County Clerk’s Office, the Kentucky Department of Driver’s Licenses, and the Hazard Community and Technology College. 
It would have been huge news had we been awarded an office of any kind. Jackson, Kentucky has been selected for a Regional office. This will enable local citizens to obtain REAL IDS, Driver’s licenses, identification (ID) cards, CDL testing, motorcycle testing, driver’s permits and road tests all at the Jackson Regional office once it is functional. 
The new office will be located at the Life Skills Center in Jackson, formerly the Hotel Jefferson. The office will serve, in addition to Breathitt Countians, citizens of Wolfe, Lee, Owsley, Perry, Knott, and Magoffin counties. 
Aside from whom we will regularly service, any citizen of Kentucky will be able to obtain any of the offered services at the Jackson Regional Office regardless of where in Kentucky they may regularly reside. So, what does all this mean to us?
James Turner tells the Times-Voice, “With the Regional Office being centered in Jackson, both the city and county will be able to collect tax dollars as well as other funds incident to people coming here from other counties for these services. This will increase money spent at our local dining establishments, increase trade at our local retail stores, and increase the money circulating both in and around our county and our fair city. It’s a great day for Breathitt County and we are grateful and appreciative for having been selected.” 
The Regional Office is tentatively set to open this Fall. Turner said he would like to thank the Commissioner of the state branch manager/assistant division of driver’s licenses Christy Johnson; Division of driver’s licenses Commissioner, Matt Cole; Representative Cluster Howard;President Dr. Jennifer Lyndon; former Jackson Chamber of Commerce President, Dough Fraley; current Jackson Chamber of Commerce President, Mildred Rogers; Mayor Laura Thomas; County Judge Executive Jeff Noble; Magistrate Roy Darrell Herald; Stu Fugate; and the Kentucky Circuit Clerk’s Association for their considerable assistance and the contributions of each of them to make this wonderful outcome and economic boon (or boom) a reality. 

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