Variety Pizza’s Class 2A, District 7, athletic trainer of the Year is Caroline Long, Breathitt High School

We want to kick-off the countdown to the 2020, Class 2A, All 7th-District Team with some love for a valuable member of the Bobcat Football program at Breathitt High School who unfairly gets often overlooked. Caroline Long has just finished her second-year as the head student athletic trainer for the football team and her performance has been above and beyond what anyone would expect from her position.

She is widely reputed as being the best at what she does and came to Breathitt with that reputation after serving a couple years on the athletic training staff at Hopkinsville High School. There she worked under the tutelage of Benny Butler, a professional athletic trainer from whom she learned a lot.

“Bennie gave me my start and taught me the ropes. I will never forget the opportunity to get to work with him.” 

This year Caroline was tasked, during the pandemic, of having to perform even more duties than usual. Lamont Coldiron wasn’t available for much of the year and Caroline was left to pick up the slack. 

“Doc’s shoes are hard ones to fill and I am sure I fell well short. It wasn’t for lack of effort,” Caroline told the Times-Voice

Congratulations to Caroline Long for her selection to Variety Pizza’s All-District 7 Football Team. Your work, though behind the scenes, doesn't go unnoticed nor unappreciated.

We appreciate our friends at Variety Pizza for their very generous support of this all-district team and everything else Variety Pizza does to support the youth of our communities. The entire team will be published in the January 13th edition of your Jackson-Breathitt County TIMES-VOICE. 

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