CMV’s height too much for canopy

Commercial motor vehicle significantly damaged VIP’s premises

Talk about blowing one’s cover, the pictured over the road commercial motor vehicle pulled into the VIP Market’s gas bay to top off its fuel on Monday, February 22, 2021. This was an inopportune time to learn this particular semi-trailer had a taller than usual height.  
There is no federal vehicle height requirement for commercial motor vehicles. The VIP Market is probably sorry there isn’t.
States are free to set their own height restrictions. However most height limits range from 13 feet, 6-inches to 14-feet with exceptions granted for lower clearance on particular roads. 
In interviewing witnesses at the scene, most told us they believed the clearance at the VIP Market in Jackson, Kentucky to be 13-feet, 6-inches. Unfortunately, the semi-trailer which attempted to pull under the canopy appears to have been significantly taller.
This is a fine example of why there should be more unanimity in height restrictions for these trailers. People we talked to at the scene told the Times-Voice problems like this haven’t been an issue in the past. 
The newspaper reached out to personnel of the market for comment Monday afternoon. The person answering the phone told the newspaper its corporate office forbade them from giving any statement concerning matters which appear headed for litigation at any foreseeable point in the future.
It is unclear what the damage to the structure will end up being and whether the incident damaged the overall integrity of the canopy. We can tell you we researched the average cost of replacing a canopy like the one pictured should the damage require it. According to the information we accessed, gas station canopies, including design and installation, typically ranges from $35-$80K. 
Note: Mr. Long is an award-winning Kentucky journalist recognized for excellence in both writing and reporting by the Kentucky Press Association.
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