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Water Lines Being Laid

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Water Lines Being Laid

Required demolition shaking downtown buildings

“[New lines] should vastly improve both water pressure and quality…” Brain Haddix, Police Chief

“It is knocking pictures and other items clean off our walls.” Tracy Patrick, Repeat Boutique

Some of us have before experienced an earthquake. Many of us were scared half to death.

While an exact date or time of the occurrence may not come readily to mind, it is an experience many of us aren't soon to forget. Reportedly, there is no more hopeless nor helpless feeling than the ground shaking, literally, under one's feet. 

This thought occurred to many Jackson residents, particularly down town, over the first part of this week. Entire buildings in which we either live or work were shaking as if from an earthquake. Many were somewhat relieved to learn it was only heavy duty road construction.

We contacted the city’s Police Department to learn whether we were the only ones experiencing the tremors. Brian Haddix, Chief of Police, was kind enough to return our call. 

He told the Times-Voice, “It’s not a quake, though we have had quakes in the Appalachia mountains. It is part of the city’s grant received to completely replace our existing water lines.”

Haddix went on to explain, “We are getting state of the art water lines and new fire hydrants. This should alleviate many of our existing water issues and will likely save all of us a few dollars down the road as the new system will run much more efficiently than the one it is replacing.”

We asked Chief Haddix if he knew what, if any, effect the new lines might have on water quality. Our community has, intermittently, been on “boiled water” advisories over the past year or maybe even longer. 

“These new lines should vastly improve both water pressure and quality” Haddix reported. Well, thank goodness for that. 

For now, there is some inconvenience for those living or conducting business in downtown Jackson. We talked with Tracy Patrick at the Repeat Boutique.

Ms. Patrick told the Times-Voice, “All the hammering, digging, and demolition of existing roads is shaking our entire building. It is knocking pictures and other items clean off the walls.” Her description comported with many others around the downtown area less willing to go on the record about it.   

It has before been said that “into every life a little rain must fall.” Much like the initial inconvenience of rain while both occurring and postponing planned outdoors activities; the inconvenience now will prove itself preferable to maintaining the status quo, water-wise least ways, for all Jackson residents in the long run. 

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