All other activities have been either postponed or canceled due to Covid-19 concerns!
The City of Jackson has had to postpone the Heritage Festival this year owing to COVID-19 concerns. As for the annual Fireworks display, the show must go on, as they say. 
The Times-Voice is please to inform there will be Fireworks this year on Independence Day. The show will be best viewed from the North Point area of Jackson, same as always.
The City requests spectators observe social distancing by maintain a six-foot space between themselves and anyone not within that person’s nuclear family. It would also be appreciate for everyone to wear masks. 
The show will begin at 10 p.m., or thereabouts, and promises to be as spectacular as any other year. There will be no other activities scheduled apart from the Fireworks, however, and the Times-Voice believes the Heritage Festival will make every effort to have a celebration, if possible, later in the year when the pandemic’s spread and impact gets less severe and we are better able to manage it. 
Join us all this Saturday evening and let’s enjoy the Fireworks display remembering first and foremost why we celebrate Independence Day in the first place. 

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