This Week's Numbers Summoned Memories of Paula Abdul Lyrics

We’ve taken several steps forward; but, this week, we have taken one-step back

It ain’t fiction just a natural fact...

If you would have told me I might one day quote the musical stylings of Paula Abdul in a 132-year old newspaper of legal record I would have probably laughed. Then again, there is much about present day events which don’t conform to anything I could have reasonably predicted when I was a much younger man.

We have been inching toward the magical “zero” in active cases in Breathitt County. Our number of “active cases” has been precipitously dropping week after week. 

Those fortunes were bound to reverse. Then along came last week.

Oliver Leiber both wrote and produced an album for Paula Abdul entitled “Forever Your Girl.” On that album he also wrote several of the tracts. Among the ones he penned was “Opposites Attract.” 

Who can forget the lyrics, “I take two steps forward/I’ll take two steps back…” Arguably we haven’t taken but a step back but any backward steps are unwelcome at this stage of the battle. 

Last week, we reported 1,064-total infections, with 5-active cases, and 8-deaths. This week, our number of total infections rose to 1,071, our largest weekly jump in the last month or so. Our active cases rose (by one) to 6, from having dropped every week for the past month. Our deaths remained at 8. 

In the words of Oliver Leiber, “It ain’t fiction, just a natural fact/We (need to) come together…” It is time to pour on some steam. Our descent to “zero active cases” has suffered a mild set back but we must get right back on the horse.

The Times-Voice would urge citizens to remain ever-vigilant in this fight. We are winning, though not necessarily for this week, but let’s not let this opponent get back up off the mat. We must continue to deny ourselves things which tend to put us in harms’ way or simply undertake certain other actions we may find intrusive and inconvenient but still important to the health of ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.

You know the drill. Mask-up, socially distance, clean and disinfect body parts and surfaces, GET YOUR SHOT, and don’t put dirty hands in or near mouths, eyes, ears, or noses for just a little while longer. It’s really simple, we have to do it and we have to do it until the sliver of light at the end of the tunnel leads us out into the sun once more.

Note: Mr. Long is an award-winning Kentucky journalist recognized for excellence in both writing and reporting by the Kentucky Press Association.

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