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Weekly COVID-19 Report (September 15, 2021)

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Weekly COVID-19 Report (September 15, 2021)

"Active Cases" reach record high

"We are on fire," William Sizemore, Breathitt Health Department

It has become among the Times-Voice's least favorite responsibilities. Every week we have to report the weekly COVID-19 numbers for the county.

It isn’t the weekly commiseration with William Sizemore we find unpleasant. Mr. Sizemore, the Environmentalist for the Breathitt Health Department, is a guy who has become a bright spot for us at the paper in an otherwise dreary looking existence.  

We love talking with Sizemore. He’s fantastic. 

It is the point there never seems to be anything favorable to report. There won’t be either, until we all quit charging the anti-vaccination, preverbal, “windmill;” like some modern day versions of the literary, Don Quixote. Just take the shots already. 

William Sizemore sent us the numbers for our newspaper. He sent them Tuesday morning. 

If recent tradition holds, by the time many of you will be reading this Wednesday evening in our print edition, the numbers will be exponentially larger. Won’t that be just grand? Please denote sarcasm.

We have 1,820-total cases. We have 305 "active cases" of contagious incidences of disease.

We would suppose congratulations are in order. Three-hundred and five (305) active cases is a new record. 

We never boasted that many disease-ridden, infected, local citizens pre-vaccine. Funny thing about a vaccine, it has to be injected into a patient for it to be effective.

We have 14-confirmed deaths at present. We reiterate the description, "at present," as there are several more in-county deaths believed to be COVID-related but on which the county is awaiting "official confirmation.” Official confirmation is required before a death may be reported as being pandemic related.

We generally include a quote from our friend, William Sizemore. His comment this week, sent along with the numbers, was perfunctory but somehow equally apt and descriptive. 

“We are on fire,” he told the Times-Voice. Well, that commentary isn’t the least bit ambiguous.

What appears equally unambiguous is we will remain “on fire" until we are willing to try something different. Continuing down the present path is proving itself quite dangerous.

Somehow, we have to summon the wisdom to use the fire retardant science has painstakingly developed and disseminated to protect us. We have to try something new, it would appear. After all, our present course seems to be taking us to death's door.

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