Active Cases fall from 340 to 232

“Deaths (17) will continue to rise…” William Sizemore, Breathitt Health Department

In this crazy roller-coaster ride which is our weekly COVID-19 report, we have a bit of good news. It seems like it has been eons since we have been able to write that. 

Our “active cases” number, significant because it indicates the number of in-county residents suffering from contagious disease, rose to an all-time high of 340-cases last week. We dutifully reported that piece of somber news in our previous week’s print edition. 

What a difference a week can make. This week, our “active cases” number has dipped to 232. Excited, we contacted our friend at the Health Department, William Sizemore, to interpret this downward trend. 

“It sure is good news,” he told us. “At least the cases of infection are no longer out pacing those falling off quarantine.” 

The news isn’t entirely positive. Our total case number, which never decreases nor will it, is now 2,056 cases. Our in-county deaths resulting from the disease are now 17.  

We asked Mr. Sizemore about the deaths number and whether it will plateau. He told the paper, “Deaths will continue to rise.” 

Let’s hope he meant in the short term. We were afraid to further inquire. We’ll just wait and see what the report happens to be next week.

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