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Wesley, ‘I Was Angry’

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Wesley, ‘I Was Angry’

Christian volunteers run out of local neighborhoods

Public Hearing in November/Adopt County Roads

Representative Wesley attended the Fiscal Court meeting which was conducted live and in person October 7, 2021. Locals around the courthouse say he was fired up and enthusiastic about a topic near and dear to him. Representative Wesley told WYMT and later the Times-Voice that he was “angry.”

The source of his ire was easy enough to determine. Had the paper been too obtuse to discern it, Wesley was more than happy to clarify.

“I had been contacted by numerous constituents indicating some people were going house to house and halting home renovations,” Wesley told the Times-Voice. “This group was telling homeowners they needed the worked permitted (issued a permit) for these renovations, even those which were inside their dwellings; like flooring, painting, and drywall repair.”

“Here we are in one of the more economically distressed counties in both the commonwealth and country, on the heels of record flooding and destruction causing unimaginable levels of devastation for rural families, and some people are going around Breathitt halting renovations for the want of a 'work permit.' Yeah, it fired me up some.”  

Wesley told the Times-Voice, “There were four (4) Christian volunteer groups run off of properties because of this. I told those residents, and I informed the Fiscal Court yesterday in its meeting, that these Christian volunteers should never have been forced out of these neighborhoods where they were helping our people. I invited all of these groups to return, keep working, and utilize the warm days before the onset of cold weather.” 

Wesley continued, “Winter and cold weather are literally around the corner. We don’t need to stand on formality. We need to get these homes back to providing shelter and relief from the elements.”  

Along the same lines, Wesley also requested the county adopt all county roads. The Fiscal Court agreed with this, in principle, but it will require a public hearing for adoption.  

Next month, in November, “…there will be a public hearing to adopt all county roads which will permit infrastructure repairs and needed roadwork to be undertaken, Wesley told the newspaper. "I am trying to improve the quality of everyday life for my constituents anyway I am able."

Keep following us in print and online and the Times-Voice will inform you as to the date and time of this hearing. You will then be able to appear for your voices to be heard on what you think of this measure. 

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