What Say You...about Dominion Voting Systems and the deleted Trump Votes?

Image from the internet

Call a call from my sister in western-Kentucky. She is a diehard Trump conservative. 

She told me there is a theory afoot involving a Dominion Voting Systems, which may be entirely owned by George Soros or boasts Nancy Pelosi's husband among the shareholders. The rumor is the company deleted millions of Trump votes. Apparently, there was a report about it on the far-right cable news outlet, One America News Network.

We would like to know what you, the reader, either thinks about the rumor or what you have heard about this. Feel free to add what you know to the information already circulating on various social media platforms.

Just drop us some knowledge in the "comments" section of where ever you have accessed this article. Trump tweeted, in all-caps, about this conspiracy just this past Thursday. What say you?



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