These schools don’t really cater to working folks and you won’t find any among its student body, alumni, or faculty either!

Article came out recently about the most expensive high schools in America. The four students pictured, and the picture was published to Instagram uncredited, attend St. Andrew’s School in Middleton, Delaware.

St. Andrew’s charges yearly tuition of $62,280 per student to attend. That seems like quite a dear price for a high school education. 

Just going off the picture and again, these kids chose to publish the picture to social media for all the world to see, attendance at St. Andrews would appear to lend itself to some attendees feeling, or appearing to feel both entitled and superior. 

That may be unfair commentary as these may be four, perfectly lovely individuals posed this way for some reason unknown to any of us. We don't know a single thing about any of the four pictured. 

Now, a family gets quite a bit for the tuition. All 300+ students are required to live and board on campus. Since this school is located on a 2,200-acre plot, there’s plenty of room for everyone. 

Beyond being huge, the campus is so quintessentially a New England boarding school that the school was used as the backdrop of an episode of The West Wing. In the episode it was depicted as young President Bartlet’s boarding school.

The campus includes a six-lane crew course, a boathouse, 14 tennis courts, five soccer fields, four lacrosse fields, and an indoor rowing facility. It also has nine regulation squash courts. 

Notable alumni of St. Andrew’s School include singer Maggie Rogers and CNN host Erin Burnett. Graduates also include Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, diplomats, professional athletes, Olympic gold medalists, and U.S. ambassadors.

It would bear noting St. Andrews must provide an incredible education, experience, and the school has certainly overseen the endowment of its graduates with the tools to go on and do remarkable things in their later lives. Being born into the lineage into which some of these kids have (undoubtedly) been born lends itself to a high likelihood of success, with or without the connections and education springing from one's matriculation through its hallowed halls. 

So, what say you Jackson, Kentucky about privileged boarding schools catering to the super-wealthy? Would you send your kid there provided you could afford it? What life-lessons would you expect your kid to learn amongst the Jet-set type?

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