Is the beloved country store hiding racist overtures virtually under our very noses?

Cracker Barrel was trending today on Twitter. That was shocking to me, I wondered if they had come up with a new way to make chicken and dumplings or something of the sort. Twitter is nowhere I expect to see Cracker Barrel being discussed much less discussed so much as to be “trending.”

First of all, I want to say I am a lover of Cracker Barrel and its product. Much of what I discovered researching the reason the “Old Country Store” is trending contains assertions completely foreign to me. 

According to what I found online, “Cracker” was a slang term for whip. The person providing this information went on and attributed it to why black people called white people “crackers.” 

I was unaware of this. I was called “cracker” from time to time growing up and thought it was related to my skin tone being roughly the color of a saltine.

A “cracker barrel,” again according to what was online, was a barrel which held whips for sale at the country store. On the logo which is visible on the sign from above a store included with this article, there is a line from the top part of the “K” rounding around to the “R” in Barrel. 

There are people online claiming that is a whip. The company hasn’t made an official statement. However we were able to find, online, another less nefarious explanation for what a “Cracker Barrel” may be referencing other than the above explanation.

Another commenter published to Twitter the following, “A cracker barrel was used to deliver and hold crackers, in a general store. Individual packaging was uncommon. Many goods were sold from barrels. Pickles, for example.”  

What say you Jackson? Is Cracker Barrel racist?

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