Florida officials caught the pair

The pair donned costumes to gain access to COVID-19 vaccine

Two Florida women, aged 34 and 44 respectively according to numerous reports on the matter, attempted to disguise themselves as much older women to gain access to a second round of COVID-19 vaccination. One question which those related to the story are wondering is how exactly did they escape detection for part-one of the two-part vaccination.

Florida law presently limits doses to citizens 65-years old or older. These two women, obviously well younger than that, were passing themselves off as belonging in the considerably older age-group to gain access to the second round of the vaccine. They had already been administered the first dose. 

Orange County health officer, Dr. Raul Pino told one outlet, “I don’t know how they escaped [detection] the first time, but they came with gloves, the glasses, the whole thing, and they are probably in their 20’s.” Their actual ages emerged later and were aired by a reporter working for WFTV, the ABC affiliate in the greater Orlando area. 

The pair were turned over to police and were issued “warnings” for trespass and released. It is not anticipated any further police action will be undertaken regarding the incident. 

What do you think, Jackson, Kentucky? What should happen to these two women in your opinion?  

Is a “trespass warning” sufficient? Would you like to see them issued harsher sanction for what they both have done and for what they were trying to do?

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