Commissioner Tackett says hes more optimistic we will play than he has been in weeks!
The KHSAA met this week. The KHSAA’s Board of Control will meet in two days from the date on which this newspaper is published. 
Coaches and players around the commonwealth of Kentucky have been glued to their computer screens watching it intently, like it is the Super Bowl. Commissioner Julian Tackett and the rest of the KHSAA have never enjoyed ratings like right now.
The topic was fall Sports. Particularly, whether there would be any sports played at the high school level this fall. With a raging, out of control, coronavirus setting national records daily, more than a few were nervous in spite of the fact Kentucky has managed the crisis much better than most. 
Tackett told the Joint Commission on Education, yesterday morning, “We realize that we’re walking a tightrope here. There’s obviously perceived and, likely, real risks of participation in extracurricular athletics. But we are also, in very many communities, the No. 1 dropout prevention tool that you have.” 
Tackett went on to say, “There are people in our communities that every one of you know would not be participating (in school) if there was not an athletics or activities opportunity. We’re trying to walk that tightrope delicately.” 
As for whether there would be sports this coming Fall, Tackett said, “We are looking at having fall sports, without doubt. We are still planning for fall sports…We are more optimistic now than perhaps a few weeks ago.” 
That collective exasperation of relief you here, right now, is coming from the commonwealth’s football families across Kentucky. There appears there may be football, but it won’t look like what you’re accustomed to seeing. The virus’s data going forward will determine what football will look like Tackett said. It, “…could change, just like the data related to the virus changes.”
The Times-Voice would add here that if you really want football this fall, we advise a recommitment to protective gear, social distancing, and not traveling to areas where the pandemic is raging out of control. We can do this, particularly in Kentucky, if we remain diligent. 


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