One of the mountains most sought after football prospects tours Sewanee this weekend…
William Long, a two-time, All-State first-team football player (AP, 2018 & 2019) has stayed hot out on the recruiting trail. The Breathitt High School rising senior counts 8-offers among his growing list of suitors and 27-programs, total, vying for the young man’s services when his high school eligibility expires, spring term, 2021. 
William was out and about this past weekend seeing The University of the South for the second time. William, who wants to be able to focus fully on winning Breathitt High School its fourth football state-championship when the 2020 season commences, has announced he will commit on August 2. Afterward, Long promises Breathitt and the football team’s goals will have his undivided attention.
We asked William if he is inching any closer to an actual school garnering his commitment? Long told the Times-Voice, "I have some favorites but my mind isnt completely made."
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