Hello friends! I hope everyone had the best Christmas and enjoyed time with friends and family. As the new year approaches I just hope we can move forward and not be on lockdown for most of 2021. 2020 was a terrible year in terms of events. Events is a big part of my income and my mental well being. There’s nothing I love more than hugging people and enjoying numerous days of great fellowship and entertainment. In 2020 we were not just told not to hug but to stand 6 feet apart from other humans.

There is no way the life we live is meant to be lived like they want us too. 2020 wasn’t all that bad though. We brought a new baby girl into this World. That was an ultimate blessing.

Thanks to the pandemic we were also able to establish the Ponderosa Pines as a legit entertainment venue as well. We have big plans in 2021 and we don’t need any setbacks. Our County, City, and community can’t stand any more setbacks. We have to have some form of entertainment for people to enjoy. Heck last year we had hundreds in the street celebrating a ball drop.

This year it has been taken from us. We have to keep our local businesses afloat. We have to do our best to add more things instead of continually losing things. In 2021 I say let’s work together to be a better Clay County. Happy New Years to all. Much love Manchester!!

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