All sports activities within the Clay County school system have been shut down upon recommendation of the health department, according to CCHS Athletic Director Tommy Nicholson.

The A.D. notified coaches Wednesday night of the postponement that will halt all activities for one COVID cycle.

“After that time, they (health department) will reassess the situation,” Nicholson said.  “As of now, all activities are shut down for a minimum of 14 days and after that time the health department will see if new positive COVID-19 cases have increased, stabilized or decreased.”

Coaches can only meet with their players now through electronic devices as no in-person meetings will be held. 

Nicholson says he doesn’t know of any student-athletes that has tested positive for COVID-19.

“This is strictly a precautionary measure,” he said.  “To my knowledge, thankfully, no player or coach has tested positive for the virus.”

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