Is Clay County being purposely ‘black-balled’ by state government leaders?

Some very good sources have indicated that this is 100% true and it’s hard to believe what they’re saying isn’t accurate.

I was told this last week by three different people that I consider very reliable sources.

Usually when you hear about a rumor you will find out different information each time you are told.

On this occasion I was told the exact same story each time with not one word varying.

Does that make it true? Absolutely not, but it does leave me wondering as each week large amounts of money have been handed out to county and city governments all over the state, yet Clay’s government entities haven’t received a single penny.

I’ve publicly said we, Clay County, are being taken for granted.  But this new information may prove I’m wrong.

Supposedly, the state is withholding money from Clay County because of recent mismanagement and allegations of corruption.  When I asked what exactly that means, I was told Clay County was viewed as “they can’t manage anything without messing it up.”

I can see some logic in that statement regardless if it’s true or not.

We’ve had our fair share of issues, but is that reason enough to leave us out?

I don’t think so.  Let me give you an example of something, there is a town in eastern Kentucky that has had issues for multiple years involving their water system.  Mismanagement has run amuck with this system and residents don’t even have quality drinking water they’re paying for.

Last week they received $7.23 million in grants to address their water issues.  To date, not one single person from their entity accused of mismanaging this water system has been charged with a crime.  The county I’m speaking of is Martin County.

That’s just one example of many that can be used across the state of Kentucky, yet those counties still receive funding for much needed projects.

The citizens in those areas aren’t being punished for what their elected leaders are doing, so why is Clay County?

There is one thing Clay County has received some money for-combating drug addiction.  Yes, I totally agree that is something needed, but what about the people that made the choice to NOT do drugs?  What about the people that make the choice each day to work to support their families and pay taxes?  What is being done for these people?

I’m not trying to take away from the worthy battle of helping our citizens battling substance abuse addiction, I’m simply saying what about the larger majority of our population that are law-abiding citizens, taxpayers and try to be productive in their lives and in the lives of others.

Should they continue to be punished over what I feel is nothing more than politics?  I don’t think so.  I think it’s time Clay Countians make their voices heard and demand accountability from not only our state and national leaders, but our local leaders as well.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing these news stories each day where millions of tax dollars are being handed out at election time and we are left in the dark.

It’s time for things to change Clay County and it starts with us, the common working citizen.

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