An investigation is underway by the Kentucky State Police after death threats were received by members of the board of education recently.

Board attorney Sharon Allen says the threats came through the school systems email account to two people.

“At this time, we cannot comment any further about the incident other than to say we feel it’s a viable threat and are taking it seriously,” she said.

The emails were turned over to the Kentucky State Police Cyber Crime Unit.

The threat has now evoked more security measures for Clay County High School, Manchester Elementary and the Hoskins Cemetery.

The attorney did say the threats were over the relocation of the cemetery.

Last week the fiscal court granted the board of education approval to file their permits with the state to relocate the cemetery.

The board has now filed their permits and are awaiting notification from the state.

New procedures will be put in place on visitation at the cemetery due to the threat, according to the attorney.

“More information on visitation at the cemetery will follow soon,” she said.  

The board claims the cemetery has turned into a safety issue on their campus.  A man convicted on child pornography charges recently filmed a video at the cemetery in opposition of the relocation.  A film crew also came to the sight for a video and the volume of traffic on the school property has increased.

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