With the official start of in-person school only days away, the Clay County Board of Education is forced to delay the start by one week.

In-person school will now begin on Tuesday, October 6th due to circumstances beyond their control.

Clay’s COVID-19 incidence rate is now at 33.7% pushing them into category “red” based on the state’s index.

The school system was going to attempt to start in person anyway as the rate has an increase due to a large number of Manchester FCI inmates testing positive. But, at mid-day Friday they were notified by the state that the vocational school would not be allowed to open due to the red status. That leaves approximately 175 students at the high school with no classes for half a day, according to school superintendent William Sexton.

“Their decision does not give us enough time to place those students in a safe environment during an in person school day,” he said. “This was not something we were expecting to be told only days away from in person opening. The decision to not open the vocational school is made at a state level, not locally.”

Sexton says he’s also learned that several staff members and students have test positive with many others being placed in quarantine.

“We found out about this today also,” he said. “Right now we feel it would be best to delay our in-person start for a week.”

We will have more information on this developing situation in our next issue.

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