(MANCHESTER, Ky.) – High honors have been bestowed upon worthy recipients this week as eight CCHS student-athletes have been recognized by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association. The Triple Threat Award, which recognizes high school student-athletes who are actively on three varsity rosters among different sports. 

From CCHS, the following student-athletes received the award: 

Connor Farmer – Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

Tate Farmer – Golf, Basketball, and Baseball.

Mary Carson Higgins – Golf, Volleyball, and Tennis.

Zander Hensley – Football, Archery, and Track + Field.

Brady Wolfe – Football, Basketball, Track + Field. 

Luke Nicholson – Bass Fishing, Basketball, Football. 

Tate Rice – Football, Basketball, Baseball. 

Tyson Wagers – Football, Basketball, Baseball. 

CCHS Athletic Director Tommy Nicholson was thrilled for those who were recognized and hopes the number of recipients from CCHS grows in time. “I am extremely proud of this recognition for these student-athletes,” said Nicholson. “When the KHSAA created this award, Clay County High School usually had one or two athletes receive the award per year. This year, eight CCHS student-athletes received this tremendous award.”

“I also want to thank our head and assistant coaches,” added Nicholson. “This shows they are encouraging our student-athletes to play more than one sport, and it shows that our coaches are working together to promote all sports in the school, as well as our district. At CCHS we are striving to be the gold standard in terms of having a high number of multi-sport athletes within our programs.”

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