Chamber President Steve Collins announced in the meeting that the Chamber has been able to help numerous flood victims from the Oneida flood.

A large crowd was in attendance for the meeting held at the Community Room of the Clay Public Library the second Wednesday of each month.

The chamber of commerce purchased a small camper for one elderly individual and are helping others currently.

Members of the Small Business Association spoke at the meeting about what they have been doing to help flood survivors.

Dr. DeAnne Allen spoke about bylaw changes within the Chamber.  The bylaw changes proposed will reduce the number of board of directors.  The bylaws will also call for a quorum of 20% of the organization members to be present.  Each organization/membership will have a vote. 

Currently they have 18 board members and businesses do not have a vote.  

“These changes will reduce that number and allow the businesses to be represented,” Allen said.

Members will vote on the changes at the October meeting.

A Christmas Shop Local campaign is being discussed for November.

“We want all of our local businesses to have a sale on the designated days,” Collins said.  “We could possibly have local at home vendors to set up at the Crawdad Community Center.”

A meeting will be held next Wednesday at El Dorado’s at noon to discuss further and set dates.

A new flag pole and flag has been installed at Big Hickory Golf Course.  The Chamber voted to help sponsor the new addition.

Collins wanted to start a program to recognize the older businesses in Manchester/Clay County.  Chamber members agreed to start the program immediately.

The chamber will also help financially support the city of Manchester’s Winter Extravaganza event scheduled for December.

Stephanie Hoskins of Volunteers of America spoke to chamber members about the services VOA provides.

Since arriving to Clay County, VOA has invested $15 million in the community, Hoskins said.

Some of the programs coordinated by VOA are: Freedom House; Recovery Community Center; Family Recovery Program; Restorative Justice and Recovery Reintegration Program.

“These programs have also created over 45 jobs within the county with an average salary of $40K plus,”Hoskins said.

Since opening Freedom House, 13 babies have been born healthy with no addiction.  The program is for pregnant and parenting women overcoming a substance abuse disorder.

The Shaping Clay Jubilee will be held September 30th and October 1st at the Rawlings-Stinson Park.

The Chamber of Commerce’s new website is up and running, working nicely, according to Collins.

“We had a gentleman from Gainesville, Florida find us through the website and wants to move here,” he said.  “He’s planning on coming up to look at property.”

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