On Thursday, May 21 and Friday, May 22nd, Clay County High School will be recording a virtual graduation. Attendance and participation in the virtual graduation is not mandatory; if the graduate chooses not to participate, he or she will be recognized in the graduation video. 

The school will assign each graduate a time to arrive to the school for their portion of the ceremony. Each graduate and up to four family members will be permitted to attend the graduation ceremony at the school. No other guests will be allowed. 

Clay County High School is following recommendations from the Kentucky Department of Education and the Clay County Health Department. 

Police officers from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Manchester City Police, and representatives from CCHS will monitor the entrances and the parking lot of the school, and they will assist graduates and their guests as they enter and exit Clay County High School. 

Interaction among multiple graduates or families will be strictly prohibited. 

Masks will be worn and rules for social distancing will be followed. 

Graduates and their guests will enter Clay County High School at the Manchester Elementary entrance and stop at the guard shack. Officials from the school will provide directions. Parking spots in the parking lot in front of the school’s main entrance will be designated for graduates. Officials will notify graduates when it is time to get out of the car and enter the building. 

A representative from CCHS wearing appropriate PPE will be posted near the staging area to enforce the “one graduate and their family” rule, allowing only one group to enter the graduation staging area at a time and preventing families from prematurely exiting their vehicles in the designated waiting area. 

The stage will be set up for graduates to receive their diploma and have a picture taken by school photographers. School and district representatives will be seated perpendicular to the stage. 

All school/district personnel and graduates will be required to wear masks. Guests accompanying the graduates are strongly encouraged to wear a mask at all times. (The graduate will be allowed to temporarily remove the mask for pictures.)  
Graduates will receive their diploma and honor awards prior to them entering the gym. Student diplomas will be placed on the table/pedestal by the graduate. 

Families will be required to stand behind the rope in the gymnasium while the graduate walks across the stage to receive his or her diploma. 

Graduates will walk onto the stage area, pick up diploma, and pause for pictures. When instructed, graduates will then exit the stage area.

No handshakes, hugs, or physical interaction among school personnel and the graduates and their guests will be permitted. 

The graduate and their family members will exit through the designated area, get in their automobile(s), and leave campus immediately. Graduates and their guests will exit campus using the new entrance. 

CCHS looks forward to seeing and honoring the graduates in the Class of 2020. #TigersForever #OnceaTigerAlwaysaTiger

*Each graduate’s portion of the ceremony will be recorded and edited together into a seamless graduation ceremony. The edited video will appear on the CCHS Facebook page, the Clay County Public Schools YouTube page, local channels of PRTC, House Enterprises, and Spectrum Cable.

Day one

Thursday, May 21

Day Two

Friday, May 22

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