Clay County ranks as one of the top counties in the state on tax returns, according to a tax analyst website. recently released the top 10 counties in the state according to tax return amounts.

Clay missed being ranked first by a dollar.  Christian County has 24,350 taxpayers that received a refund with an average return of $3,105.  Clay has 5,250 taxpayers with an average refund of $3,104.00.

Lee County was third with 1,702 taxpayers with an average return of $3,102.00.

According to the website, Clay has 710 claims that owe taxes at an average amount of $2,806.00.

The new tax deadline has been extended to May 15th.  

To determine the counties that received the highest average tax refunds in Kentucky, Smart Asset’s study divided the total amount of money refunded to residents by the IRS by the number of refunds distributed in each county.

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