Clay County Sheriff Patrick Robinson is reporting that on September 13, 2020 at approximately 7:00 PM Clay County Sheriff Deputy Coty Arnold arrested Larry Combs, 56 of Tennessee. The arrest occurred when Deputy Arnold was dispatched to a complaint of a possible intoxicated driver on the Hal Rogers Parkway that had struck a guardrail. Upon entering onto the parkway, Deputy Arnold observed the vehicle swerving and driving on the rumble strips. Deputy Arnold was able to get caught up to the vehicle at the junction of South Highway 421 and Highway 80 at the traffic control lights. Once contact was made, it was determined the subject was operating the motor vehicle under the influence. The subject refused to submit to a blood test. Assisting at the scene was Manchester City Police Officer Wes Wolfe. 

Larry Combs, 56 was charged with:

• Operating Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of ALC/DRUGS/ETC.

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