October is starting with a bang at the Ponderosa Pines on Horse Creek as two big shows are scheduled for this weekend.

On Friday, comedian Donnie Baker will perform starting at 8 p.m.   On Saturday, it’s a musical double-feature with Madison Lewis at 7 p.m. and Mountain Heart at 8 p.m.

Coordinator Tim Parks says he expects a big crowd on both nights.

“It’s just amazing what is happening at Ponderosa Pines,” he said.  “This site was a coal tipple back in the day and now we’re hosting some awesome shows like the one’s we’re having this weekend.”

Donnie Baker is an internet sensation with his redneck brand of humor.  

“He’s a crowd favorite for sure,” Parks said.  “For him to come to Manchester, Kentucky to perform is huge.  He performs all across the United States and has a huge following on YouTube.”

Tickets for Baker are $30 each.

Madison Lewis kicks things off Saturday with a mixture of Americana, Jazz and Southern Soul.

“She’s fabulous,” Parks said.  “She’s got a unique style I really feel people enjoy.”

Mountain Heart is a hybrid bluegrass group.  What does that mean?  No banjo or fiddle in this group.

“They use piano, electric guitars, mandolin and dobro in their core group,” Parks said.  “The combination of piano with acoustic string instruments is a rather unusual configuration and it sounds just natural and splendid with this group.”

Tickets for Saturday’s show is $25.

If you have nothing planned for this weekend, stop by the Ponderosa Pines for an exciting weekend of laughs and good music!

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