Britton and Rominger Funeral Homes of Manchester are now under the direction to change how they conduct services.

Members of The Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky received a letter today, March 18, 2020 from Rob Riley, President and Sidney Fogle, Executive Director informing their members of Governor Beshear’s order to limit funerals to only private funerals with the closest family members.  Read the letter below.

Dear FDAK Member Firm:

As we stated in our last correspondence to you, these are very trying times in Kentucky and throughout the entire world. With that being said, we are all going to be called on to make major sacrifices to the way we operate our business during these most uncertain days/months ahead.

During his Tuesday, March 17, 2020 daily Press Conference, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear specifically addressed Funerals in Kentucky. He stated that he knows these are difficult decisions to make and yes it’s hard on the families that have lost loved ones but this has to be done to protect the citizens of Kentucky.

The requirement for Kentucky Funeral Homes as set for by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is as follows:

All funerals in Kentucky are limited to the “Closest of Family” with “Private Burials”

Gov. Beshear said the overriding goal of the order is to minimize in-person interaction, which is the primary means of transmission of COVID-19. The immediate implementation of the order is necessary as patrons of public-facing businesses gather in large numbers, in close proximity to each other and in enclosed spaces, endangering the health of customers and staff.

“For those out there trying to find an exception, if you’re not truly engaging in social distancing, if you are not taking those steps, it will force further action,” Gov. Beshear said. “Not that we want to take it, but we have to protect everybody. It’s all of our duties. Look for ways to be a part of the solution as opposed to being an exception to what we’re putting out there.”

FDAK fully expects that if we don’t adhere to the stated requirements, then the Governor will take further action and possibly close Kentucky funeral homes to visitations and funerals.

The Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky advises all of the funeral homes in the Commonwealth to adhere to the requirements that have been set forth by the Governor and the CDC.

Here is the link to Governor Beshear’s address regarding Kentucky Funeral Service.

One example from an FDAK member states: “We’re interpreting immediate family as those listed in the obituary. Our Arrangers will be proactive in communicating and determining numbers during the arrangement conference, with the clear understanding that we will not exceed the recommendations.”

“It’s my job to protect my family and friends, but I believe it’s all of our civic duty to protect our communities,” Gov. Beshear said. Kentucky, we’ll need your help. We’ll need your help staying calm. We will get through this together.”

God Bless and Keep you all.


Rob Riley, FDAK President

Sidney Fogle, Executive Director

FDAK COVID-19 Statement 03/18/20

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