A COVID-19 outbreak is underway as 41 cases have been confirmed since Saturday, October 10th and in-person school enrollment is dropping drastically.

19 cases were reported today by the Cumberland Valley District Health Department.

70 active cases are now in the county, according to the health department.

The new outbreak of cases has led to a substantial decrease of in-person attendance.  The school system is now at 40% in person with the remainder utilizing virtual learning.

Earlier this week, members and staff of the Clay County Middle School football team were put on quarantine.  A large number of students and staff are now quarantined, according to school officials.

Clay went to the "red" designation on the COVID-19 dashboard today at 26.6 percent.  The percentage has nearly doubled as only a week ago the county was at 13.6%.

Superintendent William Sexton says they're working closely with the Cumberland Valley Health Department and monitoring case numbers.

If positive cases continue to rise, the school system, like many others in neighboring counties, may be forced to return to virtual learning only for a period of time.  

We will provide more updates as this is a developing story.

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