In person school has been delayed another week as the coronavirus outbreak has hit the school system especially hard, according to superintendent William Sexton.

12 number of staff and students are now positive with 61 forced to quarantine leaving the school system in an unwanted position.

“The worst scenario for us is coming to fruition,” he said.  “With no substitute teachers available we hoped this wouldn’t happen but here we are now.”

In person classes were cancelled last week due to the outbreak of cases as over 400 students returned to virtual learning, leaving in person.

The momentum for in person learning prior to the start has now diminished significantly within the community due to the outbreak.

“We saw a significant drop with in person attendance as the outbreak continued to grow,” Sexton said.

Upon the recommendation of the Cumberland Valley District Health Department and Kentucky Department of Health, the school system returned to 100% virtual for the last two weeks and may be forced to continue.

“We will be out of the buildings starting Friday of this week through Tuesday of next week,” he said.  “We are hoping that will help start the decline of cases. The safety of our students and staff is our top priority.”

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