Hello friends! I hope all is well and everyone has had a great week. Since modern gun season started last weekend I have talked to at least 12 different individuals here in Clay County that is here chasing a giant buck. Deer season brings in great tourism into our town and other towns as well. You guys have heard me speak about nature often.
Things such as Atv trails, kayaking, fishing, hiking, rock climbing. Nature brings tourism! It brings it 365 days a year. We have amazing nature in our back door it just needs to be developed for easier access.
Our terrain makes it difficult to navigate while deer hunting, but our terrain also makes the deer feel safe and that’s why we have so many brutes running around in Clay County.
The people hunting from neighboring Counties know that also. Deer season is a great way to spend time with friends, family, nature, and earth. If you have never set down in the woods and looked at the landscape around you at how amazing nature is then please give it a try. Just make sure you dress warm. Much love Manchester!!
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