Hello Friends! I hope each of you are doing well and had an amazing week and weekend. 

I’m still trying to come down from an amazing high I’ve been riding from the shows at the Ponderosa Pines and a really good ATV meeting that saw a new ATV club get established. 

With so much going on and events popping up every couple weeks some people still won’t go to certain events. 

This is an argument I’ve had with about four community members and I will never be able to understand their logic. Does alcohol make something not family friendly? You don’t consider Manchester Music Fest family friendly because alcohol is being sold? 

There are 100’s of children there each year. Now it’s not a carnival, and it’s not Sunday school, but it’s not a house of ill repute. It’s a community coming together to enjoy the arts and fellowship with their friends. 

Some of these folks will refuse to eat at any restaurant in our town that sales alcohol, but they will go to Lexington and eat right beside the bar. 

Is that not hypocritical? I’m just trying to understand how we are quick to judge people and your way of living is the right way. 

What gives you the right to be holier than thou in Manchester but when you leave town you can go wild, but when you come back home your it’s like nothing ever happened. 

Give me a break! You’re not fooling people that are intelligent. 

I just know this. I don’t hide anything, most my good friends don’t either. There’s a right way to act and a wrong way. We all know the difference. 

I take my kids to all kinds of events that has alcohol. We don’t get drunk and if someone is we use it as a teaching lesson to our children. 

For example: we say you see that guy we don’t ever want to be that way. Everyone treats them better at these events than they do if it was an all kid event.  

I realize you can’t hide the world from them. You think once your children go to college that they will just lock themselves in their room?

 Not gonna happen! They are gonna do as kids always do. 

I’m not preaching at anyone that I want you to do as I do, but I don’t want you preaching your foolishness on me. 

The old saying says ‘to each their own’ we should respect that. Much Love Manchester!!--

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