The state’s Division of Water is working with the city of Manchester over a sewage leak that dumped raw sewage into the Little Goose Creek river, according to John Mura, public affairs officer with the state’s Environmental Protection Agency.

According to Mura, the department inspected a sewer line leak off Cool Springs Road near the Clay County Middle School last week.

“The bank had slipped in that area and exposed a leak,” Mura said.  “The city made a temporary fix on the leak.”

Mura said the department also inspected a manhole drain that exposed raw sewage in the parking lot of the school.

“Flood waters may have contributed to this issue,” he said. 

The city was not fined, according to Mura, but would be working with the department on making the necessary repairs.  If the repairs aren’t made, a fine will be issued to the city.

“There’s no fines at the moment unless the issue goes to enforcement,” Mura added.

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