It’s hard to find good leadership in these trying times.  Every day we see leaders across the nation coming under fire over decisions/or the lack of making a decision.

In Clay County’s school system, board of education members feel they have a true leader leading their school system.

Board members performed their annual evaluation on superintendent William Sexton and gave him an exemplary grade in a unanimous decision.

Sexton’s evaluation centered on seven areas that focus on leadership and include Strategic Leadership, Instructional Leadership, Cultural Leadership, Human Resource Leadership, Managerial Leadership, Collaborative Leadership and Influential Leadership.  Sexton scored “exemplary” on the seven standards.

Board members credit Sexton for the improvement of test scores, financial stability and his overall leadership.

The superintendent says none of those things would be possible without the support of his board.

“I can’t thank them enough for having the confidence they do in me,” he said.  “None of the goals they set for this school district could have been accomplished without their support.  We have dedicated board members that truly put our district’s well-being first when making decisions.”

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