Voter will encounter something new Tuesday when they head to the poll to cast their vote in the May primary.

In conjunction with county clerks and election day poll workers the state board of elections is implementing Epoll Books.

Last year the Epoll Books was introduced at two Clay County precincts-Hart’s Branch and Pigeon Roost, according to county clerk Mike Baker.

“Epoll books is basically a new way to verify who you are in preparation to vote,” Baker said.  “We did this last year at two precincts and it went very well.”

The new system will not require a signature, but you will need your driver’s license to be scanned.

“If you don’t have that we can also enter the information manually,” Baker said.  

During previous elections, Epoll Books have shown to decrease voter check in times from an average of over three minutes to under 45 seconds.  The use of Epoll Books will also lead to thousands of dollars of savings to the tax payer as the State Board of Elections moves to implement it at each precinct state-wide.

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