How can you help flood victims? 

It’s a question being asked constantly since last week’s flooding.

According to Clay Emergency Management Director’s David Watson and Brian Jackson the best way to help right now is to donate money or your time.

“We are setting good on supplies like water, food, clothing and cleaning material,” Jackson said.  “Right now we need people to volunteer their time or to donate money.”

Volunteers are needed to deliver goods, help with debris removal on private property.

“We really need debris removal volunteers,” Jackson said.  “No government equipment can be used on private property.  IF someone has equipment and would like to volunteer, there’s a huge need for that.”

Numerous culverts and private driveways are completely washed away. Those need replaced and it takes money.

“No government funds can be used to fix a private driveway,” Jackson said.  “Many people simply don’t have the money to repair the damage they have.  That’s where this money will go, to those people that needs it the most to help them.”

If you would like to donate time using equipment-contact Brian Jackson at (606) 594-1491 or David Watson at (606) 599-5489.

The Manchester/Clay County chamber of Commerce will be accepting cash donations to help support the flood victim within our county. Donations can be made in person at the First National Bank of Manchester. Checks can also be mailed to Heather Parks 120 Town Square c/o Chamber of Commerce flood fund Manchester, Ky. 40962

Any questions can be directed to any director of the Chamber. All donations are appreciated as we work to build back our communities.


Several crews traveling roadways removing trash. RESIDENTS MUST BRING TRASH TO THE EDGE OF THE ROADWAYS AS CREWS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENTER PRIVATE PROPERTY! TREES AND BRUSH MUST BE SEPARATED FROM TRASH! Crews will continue to travel down each roadway with trucks and equipment removing this. 

AGAIN, GARBAGE/TRASH MUST BE BY THE ROADWAY AND MUST BE SEPARATED FROM TREES/BRUSH! It will take several weeks for crews to reach everyone so please be patient. 

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