Hello folks! I hope everyone has had a fun and safe week.

It’s been a crazy week for us as we are on day six of quarantine. My girlfriend tested positive on Friday for COVID and we immediately locked down and did the things we were asked to do.

It’s strange honestly because me, her, or our 7 month old baby have no symptoms whatsoever. No runny nose, headache, cough, fatigue, or temp. We actually all feel amazing. What we do know is Clay County has more cases than ever and it looks like there is no sign of slowing.

Here’s what I will say, it’s a virus, it’s gonna spread. People under 70 have a 99% chance of surviving according to the CDC. If your 70 or older then you have to really take lots of precautions. We definitely don’t need to shut things down again, we definitely we need to try to work through this.

This is just my opinion. This is an opinion column so I’m allowed to voice these types of thoughts. Our town can’t afford to lose anymore small businesses. We struggle bad enough as it is. A vaccine will eventually get here.

If not, then if you have this virus supposedly for 90 days until your immune from getting it back. There still just so many unknowns right now about this virus. Here’s what I do know. After I get through this quarantine I’m going live my life like I always did. I’m not going be afraid. Living in fear actually means you’re not living at all. I choose to live life to the fullest every day! Much love Manchester!!

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