Randall Grubb

Randall Grubb

Clay County Sheriff Patrick Robinson is reporting that on February 9, 2020 at approximately 6:20 AM Clay County Sheriff Deputy Wes Brumley along with Chief Deputy Clifton Jones arrested Randall Grubb, 48 of Lucy Lane. The arrest occurred when Deputy Brumley conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle operating on Highway 80. Upon contact with the driver it was shown the above -mentioned subject did not have an operator’s license. Through further investigation it was determined the subject was under the influence. The subject admitted to taking a controlled Substance prior to operating the Motor vehicle. 

Randall Grubb, 48 was charged with:

• Operating Motor vehicle under the influence of ALC/DRUGS/ETC 

• Rear license not Illuminated 

• License to be in Possession 

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