The Kentucky Guild of Brewers honored President Robert Stivers (R. -Manchester) at the special awards event at County Coy Brewing with the 2021 Champion of Craft Beer Award in recognition of his leadership and commitment to Kentucky’s craft brewers across the Commonwealth.

The award symbolizes President’s leadership, work and role in this growth industry - the 80+ existing craft breweries in Kentucky.

“Today’s award represents our appreciation for District 25’s own Senate President Robert Stivers and his willingness to defend the needs of our industry and for small businesses,” said Guild President Charley Hamilton. “During this unpreceded time of a global pandemic and over the years, President Stivers has been a tireless advocate for our industry. He has been willing to address issues that affect our industry. Even outside of a legislative session President Stivers continues to be a voice advocating for our industry, economic investment, tourism and job creation in his District and across the Commonwealth. His support enables the further growth of our industry, investments in expansions and it is critical in our post-pandemic recovery. President Stivers has provided not only leadership but vision to help us meet the changing market demands. The President’s track record is one, proven that he will fight for issues that Kentucky forward.”

Hamilton added, “The Guild of Brewers is grateful to President Stivers for his excellent leadership and for his ongoing support to raise visibility for our industry and our members. His leadership in Frankfort, and across Kentucky has been critical to our growth and what we have been able to accomplish and hopefully will be able to continue.”

Upon accepting the award, President Stivers spoke about his efforts on behalf of the industry. “I appreciate receiving this award,“ Stivers said. “As Kentucky rebounds from the economic effects of COVID-19, I am happy to support the craft brewing industry, and the small business community as a whole, because they will be instrumental to the continued success of our Commonwealth and revitalizing our communities.”

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