As school districts plan to have students back for some form of in-person learning, Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman says more than 200 schools have not provided any data to the state in the last two weeks on any recent COVID-19 cases.

Of the 1,732 schools in the database, there are 798 students and 137 staff that are in quarantine after possible exposure to the virus. 1,529 schools have self-reported data for at least one day in the last two weeks.

"So for the overwhelming number of you who are working diligently to keep your kids safe and to provide the information that your families need, thank you," Lt. Gov Coleman said. "But that also means that we have over 200 schools in Kentucky that have failed to provide this vital public health information to their communities. Even one day over the last two weeks. That is unacceptable and it's irresponsible."

Coleman says schools are asked to report positive cases of COVID-19 every day of the week. The data is given to local health departments, which provides that information through the Kentucky Department of Public Health.

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