Pumping gas is a routine we do in our everyday lives.  Tanner Hoskins was enjoying his day off from work Thursday and stopped at Speedway to fill up his truck and lawnmowers.

Hoskins, 26, of Manchester, an employee with the Transportation Cabinet and sports editor of this newspaper, also has his own lawnmowing business.

He was preparing for a day of mowing and leaf removal on Veteran’s Day.  What he wasn’t prepared for was being hit by a truck running over 50 mph while he was pumping gas.

Hoskins was filling up his five-gallon gas tank when he saw a truck barreling straight at him.

With no time to react, the out-of-control truck struck Hoskins carrying him 20-30 feet before throwing him face-first onto the pavement.  

The Chevrolet Colorado, driven by Betty Perkins, 69, of Corbin, formerly of Manchester, continued to travel through the parking lot before coming to a stop when it hit a parked vehicle.

The impact of the collision destroyed Hoskins’ trailer and left him severely injured.

Eyewitnesses at the scene say the truck left the road, never hitting the brakes before striking Hoskins.

“All I seen was a truck coming right at me,” Hoskins said.  “I didn’t have time to move.  The truck was going extremely fast.”

Law enforcement said they thought Perkins had a medical issue that caused the accident.

A family member of Perkins said she has a history of seizures, and this was her “sixth or seventh” wreck due to them.

Paramedics wanted to fly both Hoskins and Perkins to Lexington but were unable to due to high winds.  They were both taken to St. Joseph Hospital in London for treatment of their injuries.

The extent of Perkins’ injuries is not known, but Hoskins has various injuries with deep lacerations to his head and legs.  Hospital staff removed a piece of glass from his head the size of a quarter, he said.  He has scraps and abrasions covering his face and body.

The full extent of his injuries is not known until further medical evaluation is performed.

With bandages covering most of his body, he said there’s only one reason he’s still alive.

“Without God I wouldn’t be here right now,” he said.  “I’m lucky to be alive.”

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