In a shocking turn of events, funding was pulled for this year’s Manchester Music Festival by the Manchester Tourism Commission leaving the event canceled.

MMF coordinator Tim Parks says the decision was completely out of the committee’s control.

“It is with great disappoint that we must inform everyone that the festival has been canceled,” Parks said in a social media post.  “We wanted to be the blueprint of how to have a safe and healthy event, but unfortunately we were denied the opportunity.”

Parks recently presented his plan to the city council to answer questions about their concerns with having the festival safely during Monday night’s regular council meeting.  

Later in the week, Parks received a call from a tourism committee member notifying him that funding would not be available for the event this year.  

Parks said the committee is already focused on having an even better event in 2021.

“We love our community and all our MMFer’s out there,” he said.  “Your health and safety are what truly matters.  We will hit the ground running in 2021 and come back stronger than ever!”

All community events throughout the state and nation have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the exception of the Kentucky State Fair.

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