With the filing deadline less than two weeks away, the nominations for the new property valuation administrator will be forthcoming soon from the Republican and Democrat parties.

An exact number wasn't given for how many people registered for the Property Valuation Administrator exam given last week in Frankfort, but 11 people were identified as passing the test.

The names listed are:

-James M Davis

-Ralph L Gibson

-Raleigh R Campbell

-Wesley M Smith

-Dennis B Steely

-Willie E Bowling

-Phillip M Couch

-Terry G Gray

-Michael J White

-Paul G Durham

-David F Murray

The Republican and Democrat Executive committees will now nominate a candidate from their party (if applicable) with those names being submitted to the Governor for him to choose the new PVA for Clay County.

“I assume that those who pass the test will make contact with the Governor’s Office to let them know they are interested in filling out the unexpired term up until the November election,” said County Clerk Mike Baker.  “Then he (the Governor) will make his choice. If there are no Democrats who file to take the test, then the Republican Executive Committee would choose a candidate for the ballot, and it would be uncontested, and vice versa if no Republicans file for the test. However, if two Republicans and/or two Democrats pass the test, the ones who don’t get chosen by their party can file as a WRITE IN up until 10 days before the November Election.”

Republican Chairman Yancey White says those registered as Republicans will be given an opportunity to speak to the executive committee on Wednesday May, 27th at 2 p.m.  

“Each interested candidate will be able to speak to the committee and following that we will vote on our nomination,” White said.  “Right now we aren’t sure where the meeting will be held due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we will be sending each Republican that passed the test a letter notifying them of the meeting and location.”

The registration of those listed as passing the PVA test is not known.

Members of the Republican Executive Committee are: Yancey White-Chairman; Annette Morgan White-Vice-Chairman; Will Sexton-Youth Chairman; Jenna Corum-Secretary; Mike Baker Treasurer.

Members of the Democrat Executive Committee are: Penny Robinson-Chairman; John Edd Pennington-Vice-Chairman; Jake Roberts-Youth Chairman; Cheyenne Lyttle-Secretary; Shannon Philpot-Treasurer.­

The filing deadline for the November General Election is June 2 at 4 p.m.

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