Medical records of the woman accused of killing her newborn baby have been requested by the Commonwealth Attorney’s office.  The motion for the records was granted Monday afternoon by Clay Circuit Judge Oscar G. House.

Amber Bowling, 21, is accused of giving birth to a baby boy in December 2018 and then throwing him over her apartment bannister leading to his death.  An autopsy of the newborn showed a cranial fracture, brain bleed and broken ribs.

Bowling appeared in court Monday noticeably thinner than her other court appearances.

Attorneys for Bowling argue that the medical records should remain confidential.  Judge House ruled that the records would be obtained for review by the Commonwealth and remain under seal.

The court will review the records on December 2nd.  Bowling’s attorney also requested home incarceration, but Judge House refused the request.

The trial date has been set for May 19, 2020.

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