Christmas is coming a week later for all city employees as the council approved a two percent raise Monday night during their regular monthly meeting.

The issue of pay has been one the council has discussed over the last several months.

Mayor James Ed Garrison says an improved financial picture for the city will enable them to give a raise, one he says is much deserved.

“During our financial hardship crunch our employees really buckled down to help us get through it,” he said.  “I think it’s time we give them something back.”

The vote for the raise was unanimous.

Christmas Tour

Project Hope co-coordinator Danielle Collins updated the city council on plans for a Christmas Tour of Lights.

“Everyone that wants to decorate their homes, not just in the city, but anywhere in the county, can give me their address and we are creating a listing for drive by viewing,” she said.  “We will be using an app to show people where to go to view the lights.”

Collins said more information would be coming in the weeks ahead.

Rawlings-Stinson Park

Councilwoman Betty Meredith said Christmas decorations for the park is coming along and fundraising for the new nativity scene is now complete.

“We’ve got everything paid for through donations,” she told the council.  “In the weeks ahead we will have the park completed and I think it’s going to be outstanding and everyone will enjoy our Christmas scene.”

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