Steve Smith

Sixth district constable Steve Smith

Debra Smith

Debra Smith

It’s been a tough week for Sixth District Constable Steve Smith and his wife Debra.  Last Wednesday the couple’s Upper Rader Creek home burned to the ground.  Monday the two were lodged in jail for allegedly harassing a court security officer and his wife.

Steve Smith, 55, and Debra Smith, 50, were lodged in jail on a charge of harassing communications.

Warrants for the couple’s arrest were sworn out over an incident that first occurred in a courtroom.  According to the warrant, Constable Smith had issues in court, the same day his house burned, with a man and had to be separated with Deputy Darrell Goins separating the men and correcting the constable’s behavior.

On October 9th, Goins and his wife Stephanie began receiving multiple messages via Facebook Messenger from a profile belonging to the Smith’s.

Sheriff Patrick Robinson contacted the Smith’s via telephone and during the conversation, Debra Smith admitted that they both were harassing Goins and his wife on Messenger, according to the warrant.  

According to court records, both are now out of jail on bond awaiting a court date to answer the charges.

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