Problems at the Governor’s Campground was brought to the attention of city council members Monday night during their regular scheduled meeting.

Sharon Jones, of Manchester, spoke to the council about issues she recently had at the campground located on Beech Creek and owned by the city of Manchester.

“I had to work two hours cleaning up dog droppings before I could park my camper,” she said.  “It looks like a dump down there right now.”

Jones said a man was renting a spot in the campground and living there.

“We ended up having to move our camper because of this man,” she said. “He’s also went outside his camper and built a kitchen.”

Jones added that the man had a dog and he told them the dog could become ‘violent’.

“I had family come in that wanted to camp here also,” she said.  “This is a place for people to camp, not live.”

Councilman Jamey Mills told Jones on behalf of the city “I apologize as a council member and it’s a shame you had this happen.”

Mayor James Ed Garrison said he was aware of the complaints and has city police chief Chris Fultz looking into the situation.

Tourism Committee Chairperson Alma Faye Gregory presented the court with the annual report.  The council was pleased with the work the tourism committee was doing and a full review of the committee will be in next week’s edition of The Enterprise.

The council also discussed moving forward with annexing Big Hickory Golf Course into the city limits.

Council members also voted in favor of the first reading on a garbage ordinance involving businesses with dumpsters in the city of Manchester. The businesses will see an increase of a small amount on their bill monthly based on the cubic yard of the dumpster.

Councilman Mills spoke about the city police leaving the city to back up other departments.

“I fully support our police department giving mutual aid to other departments when needed,” Mills said. “But when we do this, I want to make sure we still have a presence of law enforcement within the city limits.”

Council members also spoke about planning the new Rawlings-Stinson Park as the Memorial Drive project is getting closer to being completed.

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