Police say a domestic dispute on social media turned deadly Monday morning leaving one man dead.


Jimmy Lynn Curry


Terry Wagers

Terry Wagers, 41, of Rocky Branch, is now behind bars charged with murder in the shooting death of Johnny Lynn Curry, 37, of Manchester.

According to police, the two men had exchanged words in a Facebook post over Curry’s girlfriend Brittany Smith, also of Manchester, on Sunday.

Wagers had a previous relationship with Smith, according to police.

The two men were seen arguing at the old Lockard’s Creek Fire Department location on South U.S. 421 and the junction of Ky. 149 around noon.

Curry allegedly struck Wagers before he was shot, police say.

Following the shooting, Wagers drove to the Clay 911 center and turned himself and provided the murder weapon to police.

Wagers had been working through the Volunteers of America program for the city of Manchester.  He was also recently featured in the VOA magazine “Inspire” about his recovery from a lifetime of opioid addiction and how he utilized their program to escape the disease.

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