At any given time, you will find people enjoying the scenery on Elk Mountain.  Photographers use the landscape as a backdrop for photos.  Numerous couples have used the area to host weddings.

That’s not to mention those that ride ATV’s and horses on the industrial park property.  But some have bad intentions and those actions are drawing the ire of fiscal court members.

On Thursday during the fiscal court’s regular monthly meeting they talked about the extent of vandalism that’s occurred at the pavilion and bathrooms located on the property.

“They (vandals) have destroyed the bathrooms the fiscal court had built years ago,” said county judge-executive Johnny Johnson.  “They’ve shot them all to pieces literally.”

The judge’s description didn’t compare to the devastation you will see in person.  The windows are broke, the doors are gone, and bullet holes riddle the stone structure.

“They shot the toilets out of it,” said magistrate Hugh “Bulldog” Lunsford during the court meeting.  “People come from all over to visit this area, we need to provide something in a more visible area.”

The court is discussing building a possible structure adjacent to the main road.

“Whatever is done needs done in a visible area up there,” said Johnson.  “It’s a shame what’s occurred there.”

The pavilion and bathroom were built during the Carl “Crawdad” Sizemore administration approximately 10 years ago.

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