A four-day manhunt came to an end peacefully early Monday morning as a fugitive wanted for robbery and kidnapping gave up without incident.

Law enforcement officers with the Kentucky State Police, Clay County Sheriff’s Department and Manchester City Police, worked extended hours following a home invasion in Jackson County for convicted felon Bobby Couch.

Couch, 32, gave up without incident early Monday morning just after midnight on Ky. 472 after being on the run for approximately 72 hours.  Couch was involved with several others in a home invasion Thursday morning in Jackson County.  

Police say Couch escaped custody during the manhunt Thursday in Jackson County by fleeing on a stolen motorcycle.  Around 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning, Couch allegedly stole a 2002 GMC Sierra truck from East Manchester and was last seen on Curry Road in Laurel County.

The manhunt intensified throughout Saturday and Sunday as law enforcement agencies responded to tips on Couch’s whereabouts.

Police say late Sunday night, Couch went to a home on Ky. 472 and asked for help.  Residents recognized Couch from social media posts made by The Enterprise, Clay Sheriff’s Department and Manchester City Police as the wanted fugitive.  They contacted authorities and Couch was located walking on the highway moments later.

Police say he gave up without incident.

Couch faces charges of robbery and kidnapping from the home invasion along with theft of a vehicle, fleeing and evading police.  

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