“She’s doing a good job; I’m going to keep her.”  Those were the words of Manchester Mayor James Ed Garrison when asked if he was going to retain grant writer Pam Mathis.

Last week, the city council, during their regular monthly meeting, went into closed session and discussed the interagency agreement with Mathis, the fiscal court, board of education and city.  

Once the meeting was re-opened, council members voted to stop the contract with Mathis.

There was only one problem—they didn’t have the authority to make that decision.

Garrison was out-of-town and unable to attend the meeting and was shocked this occurred.

City attorney Jenna Jackson says the mayor has the sole authority to enter into a contract and hire and fire certain positions.  

“He has the authority to enter into a contract and hire and fire,” Jackson said.  “That’s with the exception of the following positions which requires council approval-police chief, fire chief, city attorney, city clerk and city supervisor.”

Mathis is employed by all three government agencies with her salary split three ways.  The city had not paid their portion of her salary, but payment is forthcoming.

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